WTH: Aston Martin One-77 Stalls at Traffic Light!

When you own a rare exotic car like the all-new Aston Martin One-77, people are going to notice. And because just 77 of these precious cars were made, people are definitely going to notice when you screw up behind the wheel! Watch this One-77 driver in Paris as the car appears to stall at a traffic light, prompting onlookers to gawk and giggle…how humiliating!

In the above clip, you can see that showing-out is not always a good thing…perhaps professional driving lessons should be included in the cost of the Aston Martin One-77?

Apparently some auto fans were on the streets and began filming the exclusive Aston just prior to its rather embarrassing debut. Lucky for the rest of the world, the Internet allows us to watch and re-watch this episode anytime we need reassurance of our own driving skills or simply a good laugh!

Aston Martin One-77

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