Yotel: Offering Up Luxury Accommodations at Budget Rates

Yotel Times Square NY

Yotel Times Square NY

If you have not heard about Yotel, a popular UK budget luxury hotel chain, you have now!  Yes, I said budget and luxury in the same sentence.  Think of it as an exotic car rental, you still enjoy the luxury standards, but you do not have to pay the painful price of ownership and maintenance, it is luxury for a lot less!  It is a luxury hotel NY of tiny proportions…the rooms at least.  Perhaps the itty bitty Aston Martin Cygnet is appropriate for this hotel!


Aston Martin Cygnet

Aston Martin Cygnet

A favorite in the UK, Yotel is poised to burst onto the U.S. scene, offering its first location in New York this year!  The first Yotel will have a savvy NY location, at 42nd and 10th, in Times Square, with doors opening June 1st.   So what is so different about Yotel?  This is an exotic hotel tip you don’t wanna miss.

Yotel NY check-in

Yotel NY check-in

Yotel Times Square will feature 669 cabin ‘pod’ hotel rooms, essentially diminutive luxury rooms on a budget.  Yotel rooms drew their inspiration from upscale first-class aircraft cabins, and offer the same scaled-down luxury in hotel form.  This allows Yotel to provide high-end and fashionable rooms at a reduced cost, thanks to reduced space! 

Is this the movement of the future, what’s the big idea here?  Each cabin within a Yotel features moveable beds that can be folded away to save space and “technowalls” laden with a TV, music player and power plugs all in one compact location.

Yotel NY

Yotel room

Yotel’s aircraft theme even extends to the lobby, where the check-in desks are designed to look like airport kiosks, complete with automated check-in options.  The world’s first specially-designed luggage robot “Yobot’ will then take your bags to your pod.  I think I shall call it Elroy.

Don’t worry about suffering an attack of the dreaded claustrophobia, Yotel Times Square will feature two trendy bars, a nightclub lounge, an outdoor sitting area and a Japanese restaurant with a pagoda fireplace, so you can meet some of your fellow podcasts. Yotel currently operates similar properties at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, as well as two in London, at Heathrow and Gatwick airports.


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