2014 Ferrari F1 Engine Revealed and Fans Will Name the Car

It is an exciting time for Ferrari fans and the Formula One team. Not only has the 2014 Ferrari F1 engine been revealed, but also fans will have the unique opportunity to name the car. The Prancing Horse will utilize internet hits in order to allow fans to help select the name of the Ferrari Formula One racer.

2014 Ferrari F1 engine

Check out for more details on naming the car as they emerge and the 2014 Ferrari F1 engine.

Best guesses point to an available list of names to choose from on the Ferrari website and social media forums over the coming weeks followed by the official reveal.

2014 Ferrari F1 Engine

The 2014 Ferrari Formula One engine:

  • While the name of the car remains a mystery, what it is packing in the power arena is called the 059/3. It features a turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 with an energy recovery system.
  • 059/3 can rev up to 15,000 rpm and pushes out 600 horses.
  • “KERS” is being replaced by “ERS” which means Energy Recovery System. KERS allowed for an 80 horsepower bump for six seconds per lap, but ERS will add 160 horses for up to 33 seconds per lap.

The video above explains in further detail the tech side of the new Ferrari Formula One engine. Competitors have tackled the new regulations and come out with some exciting new things for the racing season.

The video above details the inner workings of Ferrari’s next Formula One racing engine. The team at Scuderia should be pleased with the new technology and aggressive engineering that went into creating the new power unit.

2014 Ferrari F1 Engine

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