Bugatti Belt Buckle Costs More Than Some Exotic Cars

The Bugatti Veyron currently reins king among supercars, holding tight to the title of the World’s Fastest Production Car. Now it can also hold something else: a pair of pants. The Bugatti belt buckle will hold up any pair of pants for the bargain price $84,000 USD. For that price, one could purchase a 2013 Cadillac Escalade ESV, a Porsche 911 Carrera, a 2014 Jaguar XK and many other exotic sports cars.

The new Bugatti belt buckle will leave jaws on the floor, but not pants at $84,000. The clip above gives a glimpse of the belt buckle and its moving parts, ended with a fashionable view of it on.

Designer Roland Iten was clearly inspired by the Bugatti supercar when he created his belt buckle masterpiece. The artist incorporated styling cues from high-end Swiss watches for the unique belt buckle, with intricate pieces to fascinate and fasten in—as it resembles a belt buckle. Bugatti belt buckle

If you cannot afford the million-plus-dollar Bugatti Veyron supercar, just snag the belt for under $100,000. It is not the first time the Bugatti has inspired an artist–pictured above is the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Venet.

Luxury materials used in the Bugatti belt buckle include titanium rose gold. The production of the belt buckle will be limited to 44, as that is likely the limit to the number of idiots willing to buy it. Some of those will feature white gold instead of rose. Instead of headlights, highlights will be in the form of sapphire crystals and 100 handcrafted working parts.

Bugatti belt buckle

Earlier in the year the extravagant Bugatti hookah emerged with the stunning price tag of $100,000 USD. Now buyers can tighten their belt a bit and smoke away. 

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