73-Year Old Floridian Totals 10 Exotic Cars in 3 Years

Crashed Ferrari Some tales are too torrid to go untold, and we have a juicy treat for our fabulous fanbase today.  It would seem there is a serial killer of exotic cars right here in Florida.  A 73 year-old Floridian is responsible for the demise of not one, but ten exotic cars within the past three years.  Oh the madness. 

Did we mention this man is partial owner of an insurance company, though it is unclear if the wrecked exotics were insured by his company.  The rumor mill circulations include that the man continued to drive like a fool following each and every accident. 

The collateral damage report includes two Ferrari 360 Spyders, a yellow one ended up the centerpiece in the man’s water fountain located at the entrance of his mansion.  The other, a black 360 Spyder, was driven directly into a palm tree at about 60 miles per hour. 

An obvious Ferrari fan, he also maneuvered a Ferrari F355 into the rear of a Ford F-350 Superduty while attempting to race a red Lamborghini Gallardo.  Something tells us this is no Mario Andretti we are dealing with.

Though he does have an obvious flair for racing, as he crashed a Bugatti EB110 at the Palm Beach International Raceway.  A Ford Indigo concept car was destroyed completely-only two of which were ever made.  Sigh.  Other track incidents include a few Caterhams and a Westfield sports car, and a specimen near and dear to our hearts, a Ferrari F430.  Click here to see our newest Ferrari F430 rental, and you will understand.

He murdered a classic Ferrari Dino, and wrecked at least one of the 50 Yenko Camaros ever produced.  Even a 1909 Ford Model T fell victim to this sensational driver.  We will say this, all driving skills aside, this man obviously has impeccable taste in exotic automobiles.  Though the same as the wrecked Bugatti, we lack all interest in offering him an exotic rental car from our fleet, we just prefer our cars in one piece. 

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