Alternate Universe? 8 Bugatti Veyrons Pulled Over!

Motorists en route to the French Riviera witnessed an enthralling roadside attraction recently when not one, but 8 Bugatti Veyron supercars were pulled over by a cop at the same time! The event occurred in the middle of absolutely nowhere-sville, when a multi-million dollar brigade of pure power, prestige and expired tags rolled through. The only scenario that could make this more interesting is if the supercars were pulled over by a Lamborghini police cruiser!

This looks like an ideal spot to spend a day! It was definitely a good day to be on duty for the officer.

The charge, surprisingly, was not speeding! Apparently, just one of the Veyrons was pulled over for an improper tag, prompting the remaining seven to pull over and wait for their buddy. Super friends, supercars!

The observer of the luxury motorcade had this to say about his experience:
“I saw a Bugatti Veyron driving past, then another one and another one. I thought to myself what is happening to me right now? I know the area quite well because I regularly organize tours with my business Duma Travel, but hardly see cars in this region. And now I saw eight Bugatti’s at once and in the middle of nowhere! After a while I saw them again, but then parked next to the road stopped by the police. They weren’t speeding, but one of the supercars had a wrong numberplate. The driver received a fine of 250 euros.”

Anyone rolling past this scene would have to pull over and join in the fun! I assume the only disgruntled parties were the drivers and owners of the fabulous Bugatti Veyrons.

This is a great story for the witness to recount again and again, and I feel confident that a Bugatti Veyron owner can absorb the cost of a 250 euro fine.

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals