Ferrari to Unleash 900 Prancing Hybrid Horses in Detroit (Video)

While Lamborghini has not entered the hybrid supercar race (and claims they will never), Ferrari and others are stampeding ahead with their respective versions. In fact, the 900-hp Ferrari hybrid is slated to appear at this year’s Detroit Motor Show. Yes, I said 900 horses and hybrid in the same sentence. Details on the hybrid Ferrari chassis can be found here. Video at bottom of post.


Ferrair Hypbrid

Fun fact: A hybrid drivetrain also is a way to boost performance.

The horsepower race among gas-electric hybrids is getting better with each introduction. But will the word ‘hybrid’ someday lose its association with the words “slow” and “green”? Perhaps not the later, but the performance outlook is certain to alter with the arrivals of more and more blisteringly fast hybrid hypercars!


hybrid Ferrari carbon chassis

The 900-horse Ferrari hybrid:
• This will be the very first Ferrari hybrid
• It will be, of course, a limited-edition and special series car
• Expect more details when it shows up at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this year
• The sophisticated carbon fiber chassis has already made an appearance. It was on display at the Paris Motor Show! Is Ferrari a tease? Indeed.
• The unique hybrid drive system is no longer a guarded secret– watch the informative video clip below for full details.
• Ferrari says the hybrid Enzo replacement will surpass the new F12 Berlinetta’s 740 Prancing Horses.
• The carbon fiber keeps the overall weight very close to the Enzo’s 3,009-pound frame, even with the hybrid system’s added weight.
• Samsung Electronics provides the lithium ion cells for the hybrid Ferrari.
It is entirely possible that a hybrid Ferrari driver may someday have the chance to stick their nose up at a Prius…that is the world I want to live in.

This video describes how the hybrid engine architecture operates.

Ferrari’s first hybrid is to replace the Enzo, named for the company’s founder. Although Ferrari is keeping the name a secret, the Italian press has speculated that the car will be called the F70. No pricing or production dates are currently available.

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