Grand Am Ferrari 458 Gives Manhattan a Wake-Up Call!

New York City is famous for its street side lifestyle, from exotic food vendors to luxury shopping and designer goods…and also a Grand Am Ferrari 458 at the World Trade Center! Ferrari treated New York to a revving 458 Italia to celebrate a recent victory: Nabbing the driver’s and manufacturer’s titles in the 2012 Rolex Grand-Am GT Sports Car Series championship.

Ferrari 458

How could anyone be irritated by a Ferrari 458 wake-up call? There are certainly worse ways to awaken!

Aim Autosport team FXDD took up position outside of 7 World Trade center in lower Manhattan and proceeded to show-off a bit of what the Ferrari 458 has to offer by smoking tires and providing an auto acoustic extravaganza. I am certain very few New Yorkers were disgruntled by this wake-up call! The team added to the excitement by donning their racing suits.

Ferrari 458

The FXDD Ferrari perched on the street. The goal was to show off for passerby and generate more attention for the supercar.

Team drivers Emil Assentato and Jeff Segal openly greeted passerby, posed for photos and animatedly and kept the show going. Segal is just 25 years old and already a multiple Grand-Am Series champion. Assentato has been at the racing wheel for over three decades, and also serves as chairman of FXDD. FXDD is a racing firm headquartered at 7 World Trade.

Assentato has been racing for more than three decades, lately balancing his time in Grand-Am with his role as chairman of FXDD, a currency trading firm that, not coincidentally, happened to be based at 7 World Trade Center.

Ferrari 458 Grand AM

The drivers signed autographs and joked with New Yorkers


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