Your Lamborghini Is Not Fast Enough

In the past, it held enough water to simply own an exotic supercar like a Lamborghini. Fast forward to today, when arriving in a Lamborghini Gallardo simply is not enough to impress your friends—you need to be able to completely obliterate your buddy’s car on the track first. Enter the glorious after market Lamborghini performance industry, to the rescue! (This industry is obviously not just for Lamborghini, but for all supercar brands).

after market Lamborghini performance

Something seems to be missing…This is the Heffner twin-turbo Superleggera.

There are plenty of qualified after market tuners to transform a plain-Jane Lamborghini into a brag-worthy beast. In fact, some companies can double the horsepower output without ruining its street-legal status!

Case-in-point: On the heels of the redesigned 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 launch in Paris, two such tuning companies delivered their own blistering versions of another Lamborghini hypercar! The companies were Underground Racing from North Carolina and Heffner Performance from Florida. To highlight the insane power, the 2008 Gallardo Superleggera already kicks back on 523 horses…so…double that dose of raw insanity! And, you may drive it to the office.

Lamborghini after market performance

The Underground Racing Lamborghini at the track

How it went down:
After the Paris Auto Show and LP560 introduction, Heffner Performance touted a twin-turbo “Elite” 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera that broke the 8-second barrier in the quarter mile. Less than 48 hours later, Underground Racing responded with their version that killed that record by an impressive margin. Ouch.

Lamborghini racing

A stock Gallardo can achieve that mark in roughly 12 seconds.

Company founder Jason Heffner was at the helm for the feat. After eight passes, he put in an 8.72-second run at 169.8 mph–making it the quickest Gallardo ever recorded. Is Underground Racing a glory hound, or what?

See the video below of Underground Racing’s 8.355 response.

Listen to the roar of that twin-turbo as it zips out of sight instantly!


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