Top 5 Luxury Gifts for Men-More Than Happy Holidays!

The holidays have arrived again, and with them come the annual racking of the brain to conceive of the perfect gifts for everyone-especially for your man.  Now, you are free to pull the same tired number as last year, oSexy Santa r as some of the more uncreative lovers may, or you could truly out-do yourself and really give it to him…with a luxury gift he will never forget!  Our top 5 luxury gifts for men this year are:

1.    A Luxury Car Rental
2.    A LED LCD TV
3.    Tickets to Superbowl 44 in Miami
4.    A Nascar Driving Experience
5.    Indoor Skydiving

Luxury Rental Car.  This is an obvious choice if your man likes to take the wheel, and is a car buff (as most of them are wired to be).  It is no matter if you do not have the funds to own and maintain an exotic car, you can still get his motor running with the experience of driving one for a day or even a week.  We promise you, the drool on his chin will tell you how much he appreciates your creative prowess, just do not leave it on the steering wheel of the Ferrari F430 rental, or luxury rental car of your choice. 

  There are few red-blooded men who do not measure their manhood by the size and technology of the television set that transfixes them.  It is vital for a man to always have the latest and greatest technology, and bragging rights for every game night.  We recommend you also arrange a gathering for him and his buddies to break in the new beast, and serve his favorite foods as a special touch-he will think you are a goddess.  Samsung TVs are a great investment, with an amazing support staff, click here to read our Samsung story.

Tickets to the 2010 Superbowl 44 in Miami.  If you wish to take your goddess stature to the next level, score tickets to Superbowl 44 Miami before it is too late, it is the game of the year and this year it is to be held in Miami-the most luxurious and sexy place in the United States.  Not only will you rock his world, you will be joining him in South Beach where he will be more than focused on rocking yours!

A Nascar Driving Experience
.  This is a truly creative and exhilarating gift that some men are not aware exists.  The ability to zip on a fireproof suit and zip around a racetrack in a real Nascar is something every man would love to feel.  Jared Junkel of Imagine Lifestyles has tried the Richard Petty driving experience in both Daytona and Las Vegas, and recommends it to anyone in search of a jolt or thrill. 

Indoor Skydiving
.  Make his heart race with the thrill of skydiving, sans the risk of a parachute failing with indoor skydiving.  This is an exceptional way to show that you are intuitive and into him making the most out of life.  This is a cool idea to try as a couple that will leave him bragging to his friends about how lucky he is. 

Now we have shared our top gift ideas with you, please add to the list by commenting below with your creative input! 

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals