An All-Wheel Drive and Eco-Friendly Ferrari?

Ferrari F151 Spied

Word around the exotic car rumor mill is that Ferrari will be featuring an all-new all-wheel drive supercar at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.  This next-generation Ferrari may be the replacement for the current Ferrari 612 Scaglietti rental, one of our popular exotic car rentals Miami and Ferrari rentals Miami.  Will it look like the BMW luxury SUVs?  A Ferrari SUV?  Mind=blown.


Ferrari F151 Launch

Codenamed the Ferrari F151, this model may also feature eco-friendly advancements to keep it in line with current standards and regulations.  This ‘green’ Ferrari may feature a new shooting brake body style and electronically controlled all-wheel drive technology that kicks-in only at higher speeds for improved stability and traction.

Ferrari F151 Supercar

Ferrari F151 Supercar Spied
Engine specs for the Ferrari F151 are speculated to include a 6.3-liter V12 engine pushing out an impressive 670 prancing horses. The V12 may be mated with a dual-clutch and seven-speed transmission catapulting it from the 0-60 marker in just 3.7 seconds, placing it up there with the big boys in the exotic car market.

So is it true, will there be a game-changing Ferrari release?  We will just have to wait for the Geneva Motor Show to find out!



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