Are Chinese Auto Buyers Biting the Green Bait?

Familiar issues of auto ownership like traffic and pollution are quickly becoming a part of life in China, as the auto industry and luxury car market China continues to accelerate.  With the new boom in Chinese auto ownership, both the Chinese government and automakers have been baiting buyers to purchase green luxury cars.  So are they biting?

Fisker Karma luxury hybrid

Fisker Karma luxury hybrid

No amount of clever marketing or pricing brackets can persuade some buyers to invest in luxury hybrid cars, at least not just yet.  A big reason is because hybrid auto technology is still in its infancy, and in case you are unaware, the average citizen of China is pretty sharp. 


According to 25-year-old Tang Xuejun,

"The green technology is not mature enough yet.  I won’t consider buying a green car for another four or five years."



So why this attitude toward green technology?  Most urban Chinese live in high-rise apartment buildings, making it a hassle to charge an electric car.  There is little uniformity in the way of infrastructure to support vehicles that require charging or solar panels.

Some Chinese are concerned with a lack of government oversight and regulation in the hybrid auto segment, a twist from a country where extreme government oversight is a way of life.  The concern is that as a consumer, purchasing a luxury hybrid may be more of a burden than a smart decision, especially if you intend to drive between cities and encounter differences in charging stations.

BMW Concept Cars

BMW Concept 5 Series

These are all issues that will be ironed out over the next few years, and the overall picture is that the Chinese do not have the same deep dependence on petroleum-fueled autos, therefore they will adapt far more quickly to next generation hybrid technology than their gas-guzzling American counterparts.

Lexus FT-HS Luxury Hybrid

Lexus FT-HS Luxury Hybrid


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