Ask Imagine: Ferrari Challenge Fret

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I have been following your luxury blog for a few months now, and noticed that the 2010 Ferrari Challenge is coming up.  I would like to enter the race within the next couple of years, but do not own a Ferrari. 

I am writing to inquire how exotic car rentals would react to a potential client who wanted to rent a Ferrari for the sole purpose of entering the Ferrari Challenge.  What are the odds of me pulling that off?  It would be a fabulous item to check off of the ole’ bucket list!

Justin, West Palm Beach

Dear Justin,
Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals and Advice
Thanks for reading our luxury blog, we appreciate a fellow Ferrari fan.  Yes, the Ferrari Challenge is rapidly approaching, and to end your suspense-yes it is possible to rent a Ferrari to drive in the 2010 Ferrari Challenge.

Of course there is the usual paperwork, but other than that, it is definitely possible to partake in this luxury racing event with a rental Ferrari, so long as you are properly entered into the race with an appropriate model.  For example, this year the only model Ferrari is permitting to race is the F430 model. 

Lucky for you as a fan, we at Imagine Lifestyles have a couple of the Ferrari F430 models, the F430 spider and the F430 coupe.  You mentioned within the next couple of years you would like to enter the race, so go ahead and give us a call so that we can explain the process and get you geared up to make your dream a reality! 

Thanks again for looking to us for advice,

Imagine Lifestyles

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