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Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I am a regular reader of your auto blog, and am curious what your top luxury car rentals are.  What are the models that get rented out the most?  I am wondering if the rest of the world would rent the same ones I love.  I love the Ferraris, Lambos, Porsches and Astons.


Mike, Tampa, Fl
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Hello Mike,

Awesome inquiry, I often wonder if other people are as into the same luxury cars as I am, where they prefer to stay, shop and be entertained.  To answer your question, I will tell you our top 5 luxury car rentals Miami.  The most rented exotic cars in Miami are:


1.    Aston Martin Vantage
2.    Bentley GTC Convertible
3.    Cadillac Escalade ESV
4.    Ferrari F430 Spider
5.    Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560 Coupe



The reasons vary as widely as the models and brands themselves.  The Aston Martin rental is popular likely because it is luxurious, yet nondescript when compared to say a bright yellow Lamborghini Gallardo rental, making it ideal for important impressions and business trips.

The Bentley GTC rental is a great option for a luxury car rental in Miami because it can also be chauffeured.  A Bentley GTC chauffeured is a great way to enjoy Miami without the hassles of directions and parking, and the convertible is a plus.  It also frees you to enjoy the sizzling South Beach nightlife sans fear of an unsavory experience, perhaps a Lohan or Hilton style DUI?  No thank you.

The Escalade rental is obvious, and quite popular with sports teams, celebs and other large groups as everyone can be transported comfortably together.  A luxury SUV rental is the way to go for groups.  We assume you have no interest in a soccer-mom mini-van.  Sorry soccer moms, if you are offended, you should take notes from the posh Victoria Beckham, the ultimate soccer mom. 

Another popular luxury car rental in Miami is one of our newest, the Ferrari F430 Spider rental.  This one is popular because it is among the brands most recent additions to the luxury stable of prancing horses.  Ferrari fans often flock to the latest and greatest models available, along with their classic favorites.  Our F430 rental is classic Ferrari red with tan custom leather interior.  This is a great exotic car rental to just let loose and enjoy South Beach in.  Remember, a Ferrari rental is also acceptable to enter the Ferrari Challenge with, if you are interested! 

Lastly, the Lamborghini LP-560 Coupe is frequently rented in Miami.  Ours is bright white, which looks amazing rolling down Ocean Avenue with the Atlantic as a blue backdrop.  This is just a fun car to drive, and works for business and pleasure rentals.

We hope we have satisfied your lust for knowledge on the topic Mike, let us know if we can assist you further.


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