Top 5 Techy Trends for Luxury Cars

I love technology, and I love luxury cars.  So what is better than new technology in luxury cars?  There are some serious brains out there, dreaming, designing and daring to improve on perfection.  Auto perfection.  Welcome to the future, in all its science fiction like glory!

Here are some of the best upcoming tech trends for luxury autos:

1.    Emergency Steering Assist
2.    Simplify Your Drive
3.    AutoLine
4.    Active Force Feedback Pedal
5.    Intelligent Tire System/Fill Assist


Emergency Steering Assist.  A car equipped with emergency brake assist already knows when it’s too late for braking.  How?  Because it knows how much traction it has, and how many feet it will take in order to bring the vehicle to a stop to avoid a collision.  But what if it isn’t too late to swerve to avoid the accident?  Enter Emergency Steering Assist.

The system does not take over and steer for you, so those of you afraid of “robots” can relax-this is no transformer.  The system compliments emergency braking systems, working with your electric steering rack to vary the torque by direction, enabling it to ‘suggest’ the proper direction to steer to avoid a collision.

Emergency Steering Assist


Simplify Your Drive.  When it comes to an automobile, there is no specific ‘profile’ that fits every car type down to every last detail.  Many newer luxury cars have driver-determined profiles, to save each individual drivers preferred settings such as temperature, seating position, audio selection and more.

Imagine a full LCD interface with modes for Eco, Comfort and Sport, customizable, of course.  A push of the button can control throttle mapping, suspension, steering feedback, damping and more.  You know, for the more serious driver.

Auto Safety Systems


AutoLine.  There is an app for that…and it is on your dashboard?  Continental Corporation in Germany is developing AutoLinQ, in efforts to bring all of the perks of a Smartphone to your car.  I for one feel that we deserve it.   The technology is Android-based, so that developers will be free to create any applications they desire. 

So what about safety?  Most people cannot even walk and operate all the apps on their iPhones and other Smartphone’s, and now they will be driving one?  The system will read emails and rss feeds aloud to the driver, and the company is also working on text-dictation to, so that eyes never have to leave the road.   Sign me up, I want an iPad that I can climb into and drive. 
Smart Car Applications


Active Force Feedback Pedal.   This techy tool is simple, applied foot pressure can be varied instantly from light to stiff, and the pedal will pulse back on your foot.  The idea being that instead of bombarding the driver with too many beeps and lights, the vehicle can communicate physically with the driver.  If your suffering from “lead-foot”, the pedal will tap you back to make sure you are aware of it.  Thank you, Knight Rider.
  I picture my ‘Kit’ as a talking Ferrari rental, showing people around Miami and South Beach in style.

Smart Auto Systems



Intelligent Tire System/Fill Assist.  This smart sensor detects when your tires need more air for you.  It is mounted on the inner tire tread, where it measures tire pressure, temperature, weight in car and g-force.  This sensor only weighs a few ounces and can communicate with the ABS and ESC systems.


 Intelligent Tire System Fill Assist



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Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals