Aston Martin Cygnet—The Perfect Pint-Sized Luxury Car for Japan and Hong Kong!

Aston Martin has announced the launch of its tiniest member, the Cygnet, in Japan and Hong Kong. While many scoff at the diminutive dimensions of the Cygnet, it may be quite appealing in Japan and Hong Kong as a welcome solution to overcrowded streets and parking structures! I bet they are hoping Aston Martin Cygnet sales fare better in this market than they did in other parts of the world!

Aston Martin Cygnet launches in Japan and Hong Kong

Aston Martin Cygnet launches in Japan and Hong Kong

The Cygnet is based on the Toyota iQ city car and will feature the option of a Launch Edition Black and Launch Edition White for that market. Both are limited editions and are expected to do well in the region priced at 4,750,000 Yen and 603,578 HKD.

The Cygnet Launch Edition White flaunts a fresh snow-white coat with matching wings logo, stunning chrome detailing and diamond turned allow wheels. The cabin pops with pearl white leather trimmed seating with Alcantara inserts and satin chrome accents.

Aston Martin Cygnet launch


A stark and dark contrast, the Cygnet Launch Edition Black boasts a Magic Black metallic coat, matte black louvers and chrome accents. The full grain leather seats are a deep, rich black as are the doors and dash area, all brightened with satin chrome.

Aston Martin Cygnet launches

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