Bam Margera’s New Porsche Sideswiped in Philly!

Who would have thought that suburban Philadelphia could be a precarious place for a new Porsche? Ok, so that is a bit of a stretch, but I am sure Bam Margera was shocked when another motorist in Philly’s burbs sideswiped his Porsche Panamera! This comes on the heels of a friend causing $45k in damage by filling Bam’s Lamborghini with diesel fuel. Damn, Bam!

Bam Margera Porsche Panamera

Bam Margera Porsche Panamera fender-bender

Bam was not in one of our Philadelphia Porsche rentals…but we hope he rents a luxury vehicle from us someday because…well…it is freakin’ Bam Margera and he is funny as hell! He had only owned the Panamera a mere 4 months before the incident, so the novelty had likely not even worn off prior to the paint-scraping ordeal.

Bam’s mom told the Philadelphia Inquirer that a truck scraped along the length of the Porsche while her son was stopped at a sign. The offending driver admitted that he was staring at his GPS at the time of the exotic car crash (Hey, at least it wasn’t a cell phone…), and that he was actually excited when he realized whom he had hit! Bam is a hit.

Bam Margera

Bam Margera

Luckily there were no injuries and no citations were issued in the incident near Margera’s family home in Pocopson Township. Bam called mommy immediately after the incident to get his auto insurance information…awl…a momma’s boy is always cute!

Bam Margera

Bam is classy with his Porsche…

Bam’s “Jackass” co-star Ryan Dunn died in a Porsche crash in the area in June, a very tragic loss for all. Bam and Dunn were quite close, as you can see from the fun photos of the pair below.

Bam Margera Ryan Dunn

Bam and Dunn clowning around and showing some love

Bam Margera Ryan Dunn

Tender moments were shared

Bam & Dunn

Dunn was an irreplaceable member of the cast and a cherished friend to Margera





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