Audi Investing Billions for New Lineup

Word on the street is that luxury carmaker Audi is poised to invest billions in its next-generation of vehicles. And by billions we mean around $30 billion over the next five years. The results will certainly be exciting and full of unexpected futuristic powertrain surprises!


With the competition gearing up in performance, powertrain options, looks and technology, it comes as little shock that Audi is willing to invest in its future. The investment could also aid in the company’s goal to enjoy 2 million annual sales by 2020…which seems a bit insane, but kudos for having the drive. It also helps to know that Audi did unload 1.5 million units in 2013, which is quite impressive.


Like any type of business, it is essential to spend money before money can be made. Audi knows this and is funding the future fleet handsomely. Some of its concepts are quite artsy.

The brand will unleash 11 new models, including a Q1 subcompact crossover slated for 2015 or 2016. There will also be more Q luxury SUVs, we know it can be maddening to keep up with their letter and number combos. Aside from new body options, from SUV to coupes, there will be more powertrain options including electric and hybrid, and there is talk of g-tron natural gas.


The billions will also benefit the new Audi manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Brazil and China. While all this is great news and we look forward to the finished products, the best part will be news of a more powerful Audi R8 or even an R8 successor…what is up with that, guys?


This crazy concept should not happen until around 3030…But then again, according to ‘Back to the Future’ we should already have flying cars.

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