Auto Ouch: Maserati Recalls 1,800 GranTurismos

Maserati recalls

Maserati is poised to act fast

Luxury carmaker Maserati is recalling some 1,800 of the 2008-2010 GranTurismo coupes and convertibles following a surplus of warranty claims. The investigation into the multitude of claims has pointed to what the company calls a “deviation” in the manufacture of taillight assemblies.

What this means is that the bulbs, including the brake lights, could potentially fail. The issue does not affect the high-centered brake light in the car. Unlike the Ferrari 458 fires, the Maserati recall is relatively standard and easily corrected! Follow link for full Ferrari 458 recall story, and note how professional and prompt Ferrari was in managing that disaster, the true badge of a luxury company!

Maserati recall

Maserati recall

Maserati informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the recall and is working rapidly to remedy the situation.Don’t miss our fleet of exotic car rentals, including Ferrari and Maserati (browse by brand) on your way out!

 Ferrari 458 fires

The Ferrari 458 fires sparked a media frenzy

Ferrari 458 fires

No one was killed in the 458 incidents


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