Auto Wired: A Life-Size Wireframe Lamborghini Countach

Exotic cars create inspiration for many things, so it comes as no surprise that UK artist Benedict Radcliffe was so inspired by the Lamborghini Countach that he created a life-size wireframe replica of the supercar! As you can see from the photos, Radcliffe is quite talented in his trade, and managed to creatively communicate the raw and sporty vibe of the model using just wire!

Koenig Countach wireframe Lamborghini

Dubbed the "Koenig Countach," 10mm steel rods were used to form the fluorescent orange masterpiece. Radcliffe said the color was “uncompromising”, like the car itself. Err…ok…that or it is dressed to direct traffic.

This is very unique piece of luxury art was created in 2008, following a wireframe Subaru WRX and a Toyota the artist made previously. It appears that Radcliffe’s taste in automobiles is improving! Perhaps he indulged in a Lamborghini rental to draw inspiration and appreciation for the piece? If not, we definitely recommend that approach and have an extensive fleet of exotic car rentals that would doubtlessly inspire him to continue in his endeavors!

Koenig Countach wireframe Lamborghini

Koenig Countach wireframe Lamborghini rendering

Radcliffe told Jalopnik the following regarding the creation:

"With the Lamborghini I made it because I just knew the wireframe technique would suit it and it is the most iconic supercar of all time. I had to make it to get it out of my system."

Koenig Countach wireframe Lamborghini

Koenig Countach wireframe Lamborghini

Koenig Countach wireframe Lamborghini

Hopefully the pigeons did not get to cozy on the high-end artwork!

The sexy steel Lamborghini was illegally parked on the streets of London, where tempted passerby were free to touch and climb into the frame, until it received the inevitable parking ticket thanks to the dutiful Westminster traffic wardens (Hey, they were just doing their job). Now it is perched on display at the Classic Car Club on London’s famed Old Street. It can be yours for $64,828 USD, or you can go buy some steel tubing and get to work!

Koenig Countach wireframe Lamborghini





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