Code Name F152…The Ferrari GT Comes Out of Hiding…Kinda!

The tarps have been taken off of the new Ferrari GT, code named F152! Rumored to be the replacement for the 599 GTB Fiorano, the GT will be officially revealed in March at the Geneva Motor Show. Until then, we are forced to swallow a teaser coated with the typical prototype camouflage and allow our imaginations to do laps at various speeds.

Ferrari GT spied

Ferrari GT spied on the snow!

The Ferrari GT will likely be lighter and faster than the 599 Fiorano, thanks to a more powerful version of the 6.3-liter V12 engine and rear-wheel drive. Interestingly, the GT may get the cool 7-speed twin-clutch transmission found in the Ferrari FF hatchback, the first Ferrari family car (which was also tested on snow, heavily).

Ferrari GT spied

Even the new Ferrari GT stops in for fuel…

The Ferrari GT is set to take on the insanely awesome Lamborghini Aventador with a 0-60 time of around 3.2 seconds and speeds of 215 miles per hour. Talk is cheap, so I will wait for the official unveil to begin drooling.
Styling cues are said to be a blend of the 458 Italia and the 4-door FF, which sounds like an odd combination that I would love to see pulled off!

Ferrari GT interior

Ferrari GT interior glimpse

Ferrari GT spied

Thoughts? Comments? Problems with this model? Remember, this is a disguise!

The GT will be here soon and hit the market in late 2012 for around $355,000. In the mean time, take one of our Ferrari rentals in Miami for a spin this winter!

Ferrari GT

Stealth mode



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