Bentley Launches Continental Supersports In India

Classic luxury carmaker and brand Bentley has unleashed its fastest and most powerful model to date, the Continental Supersports.  Bentley unveiled the 630 horsepower turbocharged beauty at the Geneva Motor Show as a production model.   According to Bentley, it is intended to reflect a new and “extreme character” for the brand.

The new Bentley Supersports marks a double success for the company, as it is not only the fastest model, but also the first model capable of running on both petrol and bio-fuel.  The W12 engine packs a punch, rocketing it one mile in just 18 seconds, all while drinking a more economically friendly fuel, E85.   It seems Bentley is geared up for a bright and green future, without sacrificing power in the process.

The Bentley Supersports hit the 204-mile per hour mark en route to the Geneva Motor Show.  What began as an under-the-radar project, the Supersports are likely to become a Bentley best-seller.  According to Bentley chief engineer Uli Eichhorn,
“The Supersports is something my engineers worked on amongst themselves, to create the ultimate Continental, and then we picked it up as an official project.”
The overall power for a luxury car or exotic rental car of this size is impressive.  The main change is that the engine is capable of boosting above the 600 horsepower point with the assistance of twin turbos.  The new and fast shifting ZF’s six-speed automatic is ideal for the increased output, delivering sharper performance.  The Supersports catapult from the 0-60 mile per hour mark in 3.7 seconds, and then from 50 to 70 miles per hour in 2.1 seconds.  Hold onto your seats, folks!  I still feel it would make a remarkable addition to any fleet of luxury chauffeured rental cars.

This model would make a great luxury rental car or chauffeured Bentley Especially because the interior features new carbon fiber trim, a must in the luxury car world today.  There is a cross-cabin beam serves as a luggage retaining bar.  The ride is smooth and elegant, true to Bentley history.

So Bentley Motors has made its impact in India over recent years, having launched the Bentley Azure, the Bentley Continental GTC, and now the Bentley Supersports.  Oh and let’s not forget the Bentley Mulsanne, launched in March of this year.  Bentley has certainly been busy.

The figure is not final just yet, but is estimated at around $250,000.  I say that is a small price to pay for a fabulous sports car.  Approval is still pending from the U.S. regulatory commission, and production is set to begin in the fall.  American cars will be E85 capable by summer of this year, paving the way for an influx of new and green models previously unavailable.
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