Luxury List: Rare Porsche Nabs Nearly $4 Million and World Record

Attention Steve McQueen and Porsche fans, a rare 1970’s Porsche racecar just destroyed the auction block, fetching a stunning $3,965,000 million at Bonhams & Butterfield’s in Monterey.  This also shatters the world-record for the most expensive Porsche ever sold at auction.  Let’s find out why.

The Porsche is actually a historic and rare ex-Jurgen, similar to the one sported by Steve McQueen in Le Mans.  It is a 1970 Gulf-JWA Le Mans 917K Porsche Interserie Spyder, so try saying that three times fast.  Racecars generally boast lengthy names, in efforts to give credit to various people or innovation. 

There were plenty of exotic cars present to pine for, 102 to be exact.  Also auctioned were an airplane and a boat from the three collections of Michael Amalfitano. 

The auction was a huge success, with 74% of the 104 pieces sold.  It was held during the annual Monterey Peninsula Car Week, which remains a headliner for luxury car sales worldwide.

In total, Bonhams & Butterfields were able to raise a total of $18.6 million, with the Porsche 917 (I’ve opted to abbreviate for obvious reasons) contributing the staggering $4 million.  Not a bad day, and a stellar culmination of a mere two-day event, even for a 217-year-old auction house and international domain of automobiles with an impeccable reputation.  


$4 Million Dollar Porsche 917

Other big items unloaded at the luxury auction included:

•    A 1930 Mercedes-Benz 7.1-liter SS Tourer for $2,537,000
•    The ex-works, Gerhard Mitter/Lucien Bianchi Nurburgring 1000 kms-leading 1967 Porsche 910 Endurance Racing Works Coupe for $797,000
•    The ex-J.Herbert Carpenter, Western Reserve Historical Society, Joe Tracy 1908 Thomas Flyer 4-60 Tourer for $733,000
•    The ex-Ernst Loof racing team, Sandizell-owned 1937 BMW 328 Roadster for $667,000


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