The BMW 1 Series Spawns the 2011 BMW M1

BMW is a master of the luxury car industry, and have been proving it time and time again.  And it appears that they are about to “wow” us yet again with a new addition to the successful BMW 1 Series, the 2011 BMW M1.
2011 BMW M1
The BMW M1 is reportedly under development by the M-Technik division with a UK release date sometime in 2011.  It is said to be a slightly more diminutive version of the BMW M3 coupe, boasting a specially modified twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine producing 350 horsepower. 

We realize that in the world of 500 plus monsters, that does not seem like a lot of horsepower, but remember that this is a daily driver, and small.  These facts combined will ensure it will have all the power of a fat kid who sat down too fast. 

The engine will be aluminum, and mated to a standard six-speed dual-clutch gearbox with an electronically controlled rear M differential.  The slender size definitely plays a role in the speed and power, as it weighs approximately 3,300 pounds and nails the 0-60 mark in less than 5 seconds. BMW M1
Model 2011

It will have an M-signature sexy body, with a new front spoiler, larger side sills, flared wheel arches, a rear spoiler and a mean rear valance.  The four M-signature chrome exhaust tips are a nice touch. 

Exactly what the body will look like is still a mystery, although we prefer the top photo, it looks like an aggressive attention magnet.  Who wouldn’t want to be seen in this.

Rumor has it that BMW wants to market this model to the somewhat younger generation, who would love to own a BMW, but are still working their way up whatever ladder.  By pricing the BMW M1 to what a young professional can afford, the company may feel they can sell more cars.  If this is true, it is quite a savvy and smart move on their part, but that is just our humble opinion. 

The brand are excellent cars to own, and not too many people would turn their nose up to a BMW rental.  For more on BMW, luxury car rentals and more, follow links to our luxury blog.


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