BMW Launches Techy, Green, Sub-Brand & Venture Fund-Meet BMW i

BMW i Brand

BMW, one of our favorite luxury and exotic rental car brands, is introducing a new sub-brand that is geared toward a sustainable and greener future.  This green sub-brand is also driving venture capital funds.

Dubbed ‘BMW i’, the sub-brand has been designed to integrate the concepts of luxury and sustainability, an endeavor many luxury auto brands are working toward currently.  The slogan “Born electric” will be attached to BMW i, and it will feature BMW concepts, alternative drive trains, electric BMWs and BMW hybrids that have been in the works since 2007.

BMW has made impressive strides on the electric and luxury hybrid end, and look for the information-driven side of the brand to continue in its hybrids and electric fleets.  Innovations like parking spot locators, local info and premium car-sharing tools are just around the corner. 

The first two BMW i cars are the i3 and the i8.  The i3 BMW is an electric city car and the i8 is a sporty hybrid version.  Both BMW i models are set to hit the market in 2013 (More to come on both models, see video below).

This video displays a glimpse of the new BMW i brand design cues

The BMW venture fund already includes an estimated $100 million to disperse around early and mid-stage mobility and travel tech startups, launched in New York City.  The venture fund will supplement BMW Group’s mobility offerings with new technology from emerging companies.  It certainly seems that BMW is looking on the bright side and remaining far from stationary.


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