BMW Ultimate Drive App: Facebook for Cars?

BMW is driven to please customers and improve the experience of getting around with their new ‘Ultimate Drive’ application. The BMW Ultimate Drive app proclaims to help drivers “Discover the best roads to drive”, which sounds appealing. This would also be ideal to download when renting a BMW from your friends at Imagine Lifestyles, as you could see what routes the locals love!

BMW Ultimate Drive App

According to the website, the BMW Ultimate Drive app comes from the makers of the Ultimate Driving Machine. Apparently, they have not enjoyed one of our Ultimate Driving Experiences in a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Ultimately, we love BMW and just used that opportunity to shamelessly plug our event. Moving along, the BMW app offers drivers the opportunity to connect with each other and share the best roads and routes to take, all over the world.

BMW Ultimate Drive app

Users can view the map on the app and see more scenic or less challenging routes, along with the following features and functions:

  • Thousands of driver-rated roads from all over the world
  • Locate the favorite routes of other users in your area
  • Customizable maps make it easy to log and track trips
  • The inevitable Facebook and email sharing option (Use this gently…like your lunch, no one truly cares what road you took to the office). Unless you pass by a supercar crash and need to update with location, it may not be a good call.
  • There are special add-ons for BMW Driving Club members. No further description as to what the add-ons are yet, though owners can log into their BMW financial services with it to make payments.
  • The app provides alerts for BMW news and new drives added in your area
  • You can also use it to schedule a test drive at a BMW dealership in your area

BMW Ultimate Drive app

This BMW app is only available for iOS devices, Facebook and Android, leaving Crackberry users feeling outdated and unloved. It may be possible for Blackberry users logged into Facebook to access the app, however. While the app is intended for BMW brand enthusiasts, anyone may download and create a username. You will be asked what you drive, and you are free to enter any vehicle you dream of…BMW is far too busy being awesome to track you.


Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals