The Unbelievable Bugatti Concept that Will Never Be

This amazing Bugatti concept gives the Polish a few cool points to compensate for decades of jokes at their expense! It is called the Bugatti Gangloff and Polish designer Pawel Czyzewski created it.

Bugatti Concept

The Bugatti Gangloff concept will remain the coolest thing we never see!

The Bugatti Gangloff concept is a mashup of the 1938 Type 57 and the modern Veyron. The sleek coupe could use a bit more tweaking with the headlamps to squash the insect look, but overall it is a stunner. The design elements blend surprisingly well, with the interior reflecting the modern Bugatti Veyron.

Bugatti Concept

When describing his creation, Czyzewski said, “In times of commercial trash and plastic, it is hard to see something that has a soul and is able to squeeze out a positive mark on the heart.” 

Bugatti Concept

Gangloff concept

Bugatti Concept

The interior is a direct nod to the modern Bugatti Veyron cockpit

Long ago, those who ordered luxury cars expected custom coachwork and the units were always a limited production run. While some of that still rings true for certain exotic cars today, it is cool to see the history of such an important brand kept alive in other ways. Remaining examples of the Bugatti Type 57 are meticulously maintained and preserved, and it comes as no surprise that they inspired Czyzewski to create such a masterpiece!

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 The lines are distinctively Bugatti, but updated and oh-so sleek

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