Bugatti to Defend Speed Title


Can you imagine driving a Bugatti Veyron?

If you thought that Bugatti ending production of the Veyron indicated a new contender for the speed title would be sweeping in, think again! Bugatti may have produced the final Veyron, but according to CEO Wolfgang Durheimer, the brand will strike back at competitors for the coveted title of fastest supercar. There has been talk of Bugatti increasing power, so this makes sense!

Bugatti speed title

Bugatti Veyron

During an interview with Motor Trend, Durheimer stated:

“You know we have the speed record with Bugatti and there are always rumors around that someone, maybe Koeniggsegg could come, and do another record. No matter where the Veyron project is if someone comes… we would strike back. So our thoughts about how we can make this car even faster and keep the premium position in terms of top speed for Bugatti are still ongoing.”

Bugatti defends speed title

Bugatti will defend speed title…hopefully with these diamond boxing gloves.

Well, with the funding and superb German engineering expertise of Volkswagen Group, Bugatti increasing power should be a cinch! There may be 1,184 horses juicing the Super Sport Veyron, but that does not mean a few more cannot be squeezed from that miraculous W16 engine and quad turbochargers.


Bugatti currently holds the title of world’s fastest supercar

Either way, it is good to know that Bugatti is not going to just hit the brake and let anyone steal that hard-earned thunder! Plus, we all love a good supercar competition. Don’t miss our fleet of luxury exotic rental cars on your way out!


Not only fast as hell, Bugatti cars are among the most beautiful to behold!




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