Submarine Car from James Bond Film Could Sink a Million Dollars

For the 007 buffs out there, a special chance to own a slice of automotive and movie history is coming. The unique submarine car from the film “The Spy Who Loved Me” will be sinking the auction block at RM Auctions this September. The Lotus Esprit submarine is expected to net a cool million at the event. Video of it in action at bottom of post.Submarine car

The submarine car used in this Bond Film was not an Aston Martin, but a Lotus. It is anticipated to fetch a million USD when it changes hands September 8th or 9th,

There have been many beloved “Bond Cars”, Aston Martin luxury rides, of course. This sale is special because of the added versatility of the vehicle. How many people on the planet can claim they own a submarine car, after all?

Submarine car

Perry Oceangraphic in Florida crafted the Lotus submarine car specifically for the Bond film. The sub was made from six Lotus Esprit body shells. While it was fully functional for the film, it is unknown if it remains in that condition due to its long stint in storage. After filming wrapped in the 1970s, it seems the sub spent a decade in a Long Island storage unit. Apparently the storage unit was paid up for ten years. Once the allotted time expired, a very lucky buyer purchased the abandoned storage unit for a mere $100.

Submarine car

The current owners have kept the submarine car since purchasing the storage unit in 1989, showing it on rare occasions. The value of the car was unknown, until appraisal at RM Auctions.

Submarine car

To put things into perspective, the Aston Martin DB5 from the Bond film “Goldfinger” nabbed an incredible $4.6 million at auction back in 2010. The Aston Martin did not double as a submarine, making this lot particularly special. The sub car, nicknamed “Wet Nellie” cost around $100,000 to make back in the 70s. In today’s dollars, that is around $400,000.

Enjoy the clip of The Spy Who Loved Me above. Warning: it is cheesy. It is also awesome. 

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