Bid Farewell: The Bugatti Veyron Had a Fabulous Run

While rumors have been spreading for a long while, Bugatti has finally admitted that the Veyron’s long run is over. Before the waterworks begin, there will be a Bugatti Veyron replacement. The successor will not seek to be a more powerful beast than the Veyron and it is not the Galibier sedan concept.

 Bugatti Veyron replacement

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is the fastest production car on the planet. It will always be the best of the Veyrons, Halloween hued or not. 

 Bugatti Veyron replacement

There is ample mystery shrouding the Bugatti Veyron replacement. Because it will not be even attempting to surpass the Veyron in the speed arena, perhaps replacement is not the right word. I will go with Veyron follow-up. Wolfgang Schreiber spilled the bad news as follows: “There will  not be a successor of the Veyron because you cannot succeed the Veyron.”  This seems to be a touch on the confident side, and competitors will certainly never stop trying to outdo the beast for the coveted title of ‘Fastest Production Car’. I am looking to you, Hennessey.

 Bugatti Veyron replacement

The lengthy history of the Veyron has captivated car lovers for many years. 

Bugatti president Wolfgang Schreiber stated: ““Sorry for not telling you everything, but it will be an outstanding car.” Thanks, dude. We will keep speculating.

Schreiber mentioned at the unveil of the Jean Bugatti Legend Edition that the Veyron follow-up would still be a super sports car, though it would be drastically different from the Veyron. He said with finality: “We will close that chapter of Bugatti and the Veyron after these 450 cars and we will never open it.” Whether this will be a refreshing thing remains to be seen in approximately two more years when it actually rolls out.

 Bugatti Veyron replacement

Bugatti Veyrons are often special edition or one-offs. The unique features will inspire designers forever.

Bugatti will remain a one model at a time manufacturer. Just 350 cars have been built since 2006, most of which were pre-sold.  Will Bugatti go in the direction of LaFerrari with a hybrid powertrain? What do you think the future of Bugatti has in store?

 Bugatti Veyron replacement

Many Veyrons pay homage to past victors and models. It is a blend of tradition and legacy that is unlikely to ever end.

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