Can’t Afford a Bugatti? Just Make One!

Not everyone can afford a $1.7 million dollar supercar like a Bugatti, but some are more creative with ensuring results! 25-year-old Mike Duke of Florida is one of those people. Duke hand-built his own Bugatti knockoff for the bargain price of $89k, quite a discount from the real thing!

$89k Bugatti fake

The Bugatti imposter is on the left!

Duke used a Ford Cougar as a base for the makeshift Bugatti, and then hand-constructed the car piece by piece. While there are no Bugatti badges, the faux luxury car could dupe plenty of females into thinking Duke was a millionaire…perhaps a Duke from some far-off land. Or he could just rent a luxury car in Chicago for some extra attention.

Ford Cougar

A Ford Cougar, the model that served as the base for the phony supercar

Duke joked that he wanted the million-dollar look of a Bugatti without the repair bills, insurance and huge up-front cost. He said,
“I’m very happy with the finished result and of course driving around in the car gets more comments than you could ever imagine."

Hey Duke, try blondes; they may not notice the slight rumble of the 2.5-liter rather than the 1001 horses pumped out by the real thing! And remember, size does matter.

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