A Bentley GTC to Drive for Free?

Luxury Rental of The Week: Bentley GTC

It is very unusual to find a vehicle that is well rounded while being incredibly rare and exotic at the same time.  With the help of the Imagine Lifestyles Chicago Office, your chance to drive the Bentley GTC luxury car rental can easily become a reality.  The Mulliner edition really pushes the hand-sewn interior craftsmanship over the top.

Bentley GTC

The Bentley Mulliner exotic rental car provides every fortunate driver with the prestige and luxury that Bentley is known for; but it also has power and substance that Ferrari and Lamborghini match in their exotic sports cars.  The 552 hp engine has an intimidating growl you normally would not expect from a Bentley that looks more like a luxury sedan.  It will feel like a racecar when you hit the gas and it has the smoothest glide as it navigates Chicago streets.  At over 5,000 lbs, the vehicle drives more like a tank mixed with a sports car mixed with ultimate luxury and perfect addition to our stable of Chicago luxury rental cars.  Bentley spoiled us a little more by turning this luxury coupe into a convertible and made it even more appealing.  Believe it or not, the Continental GTC looks just as good with the top up, as it does with it down. Just because you are not enjoying one of our exotic rental cars in Miami or Los Angeles right now does not mean you can’t enjoy the spoils of a convertible right here in Chicago.

The price tag on these four wheels is $210,000 and might not sit well with most pocketbooks.  However, Imagine Lifestyles Chicago will be happy to share our Bentley Continental GTC with you.  Contact Imagine Lifestyles Chicago branch and mention this blog by April 10th, 2011 to receive $300 off the rental of this amazing vehicle.


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