Cool Holiday Gift Idea for Him: Otis James Casually Irreverent Custom Ties

Otis James Custom Ties

Shopping for him can prove to be a bit of a headache when the holiday season approaches each year, but fear not, for I have the perfect gift idea for that special man in your life this year!  Instead of wringing his neck, Snag a package of Otis James custom ties to wrap around your man’s neck this year, they are both awesome and functional, as they will come in handy for all those obligatory holiday events, and make him feel like 007 (Aston Martin rental optional and also encouraged).


Mens Custom Ties Otis James

Yes, with the right tie and exotic rental car Miami style, the two of you can take on anything this Christmas throws your way, not to mention the pedestal he likely has you perched on will fly a few more miles into the atmosphere.  Plus, the festive upscale dinners demand that you are dangling from the arm of a sharp-dressed man, and these ties are the luxury rental car of ties.

Luxury Gift Ideas Otis James Custom Ties

The Otis James custom ties will arrive directly on your doorstep from Nashville, and he will think of you every time one is jovially draped around his jugular.  The set includes seven ties, ranging from cashmere to silk and wool, and each tie is made to order. 

Mens Luxury Gift Ideas

Customizing your man’s tie is part of the fun, you can make them longer, shorter, skinnier or thicker to order, and have instructions embroidered into the lining detailing how to tie a person up with the southern fried tie…or some Russian missile launch codes, you know, whatever.

Jennifer Aniston Necktie Ad


Perhaps we should all take a cue from Jennifer Aniston…


Should you opt to toss in the luxury car rental, sneak a peek at our fleet on the way out!




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