Seeking A Thrill in 2011? Hit Up An 8-Story Climbing Wall in the Netherlands!

Excalibur Climbing Wall

This is the time of year for thoughtful, creative holiday gifts and those pesky New Year’s resolutions.  Why not resolve to pepper a little more adventure into your existence?  I have just the thing…go climb an 8-story wall in the Netherlands!  The only thing that could make this vacation package sweeter is if you pulled up to the mammoth wall in an exotic rental car Miami style, perhaps a bit of 007 with an Aston Martin rental would be fitting!


Tallest Climbing Wall-Excalibur Netherlands

Appropriately dubbed ‘Excalibur’, this protruding fun-fest lays claim to the tallest freestanding climbing wall on the planet, no easy task.  You can scale this monster and have bragging rights to being a badass for the rest of your life, making more intriguing New Year’s resolutions annually, after overcoming 121 feet of sheer air.

Climbing Walls Netherlands-Excalibur

World's Tallest Climbing Wall Netherlands

Excalibur is 8 full stories of steel and wood, curved into a 36-foot overhang, just taunting and daring any climber to take it on!  There are 24 unique paths to the top of this beast, varying in complexity.  The good news is that all 24 take approximately 10 minutes to endure, leaving you suspended aloft, with stunning views in every direction.  Now that beats the typical resolutions like losing weight, making more money and dumping that idiot you have been dating!

New Year's Resolutions


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