Crime is Costly in Serbia—Luxury Items Targeted in Crackdown Netting $500 Million

If you want to tool around in an exotic sports car in Serbia, you better make sure it was earned legitimately! The government is hitting crime bosses where it hurts—by confiscating luxury cars, homes and other high-dollar items purchased with funds that cannot be accounted for!

Luxury Cars Confiscated in Serbia

Luxury items confiscated include Ferraris, BMWs, lavish villas and more!

The government’s creativity is paying off–gangsters becoming far less flashy and changes are being implemented, including:
-a sprawling villa formerly owned by a drug lord was transformed into a home for children receiving cancer therapy
-A drug lab was turned into a youth center
-Confiscated supercars are in the hands of the police (Follow link to view Italian Lamborghini police car on track!)

Lamborghini Police Car Italy

Lamborghini police cruiser in Italy…that has since been crashed!

So what led to this massive crack down on organized crime? That would be incentive, of course. The European Union has insisted that the Balkan nation clamp down on mob activity in order to qualify to join the bloc. In just 3 years, over $500 million in ill-gotten assets have been taken (including a gas station and a bus depot).

When money is involved, there is often danger and this sounds like a frightening situation for those in charge of the crackdown! Comment below with your take.



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