Top 5 Celebrity-Worthy Luxury Travel Tips

Here are 5 great ways to make the great escape famously…luxury travel tips fit for your inner celebrity!

5. CastaDiva Resort at Lake Como, Italy
4. St. Regis Resort, Bora Bora
3. San Ysidro Resort, California
2. Ocean Club, Paradise Island, Bahamas
1. Hotel Guanahani & Spa, St. Barts


CastaDiva Resort

CastaDiva Resort (from $2,700)
This happens to be among George Clooney’s favorite escapes, so he purchased a vacation home just across the lake. Translation–you may see him docking his boat for a gourmet meal! Here you can find VIP treatment, luxury spa services and soothing views of the surrounding mountains and lake. The floating pool is a special touch with absorbing views of the lake, and transforms into a dancing fountain at night.
Dining options are 5-star and include bona-fide Italian and Mediterranean dishes.

St. Regis Bora Bora
St. Regis Resort, Bora Bora (from $950)
Bora Bora is a geological celebrity magnet, and St. Regis is the perfect place to stay. Here you can find a plethora of options from a beach villa style accommodation to the South Pacific’s only overwater villa! Amenities include indulging dining options (they will prepare anything!) and a spa situated on its own turquoise lagoon.
Think privacy and blue green waters…no wonder Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban chose St. Regis for their honeymoon!

SanYsidro resort

San Ysidro Resort, California (from $495)
Want to stay on the continent and in the country? Southern California’s wine country is a premier escape! Nestled between mountains and the Pacific Ocean and sprawling over 500 acres, San Ysidro Resort must be seen to be believed. Private cottages include an outdoor rain shower, private patio, hot tub, fire place and in-room spa treatments! There are two 5-star dining options here.

Ocean Club resort

Ocean Club, Paradise Island, Bahamas (from $495)
Stars flock here in droves, and you will understand why the minute you enter the lobby! Ocean Club is folded away on the north shore of Paradise Island, separated from the many resorts on the island to provide a sense of delicious seclusion and escape. Amenities include a 35-acre private beach, a stunning sunset view from the infinity pool, 18-holes of golf (where Michael Jordan hosts his celebrity invitational) and 24/7 butler service. If you crave French-Asian cuisine and the occasional Evian spritzing, this is the destination!

Hotel Ghuanahani

Hotel Guanahani & Spa, St. Barts (from $700)
This picturesque and pristine French Island overlooks Marigot Bay and provides an exclusive and intimate escape. There are 3 restaurants, a luxury spa, and every upscale amenity under the sun. Pro tip: the Ocean Suite boasts a private swimming pool!

Guanahani Hotel

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