Custom Veyron Challenges 1,000 Horsepower McLaren

Bugatti of Beverly Hills has seen the rival 1,000 horsepower McLaren, and raised it a custom Veyron. Determined not to be outdone, it appears Bugatti is taking no chances, and no prisoners in this power war! Meet the Grand Sport Vitesse Veyron. It is now closer to production ready, and set to make an official debut!

Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

The powerful McLaren F1 successor may show off at Pebble Beach. The 1,200 hp Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse will be there!

The custom Vitesse will unleash 1,200 horses at the Concours d’Elegance. It boasts an attractive white over blue coat and complementary blue wheels. This Bugatti color scheme is perhaps a nod to the one driven by Pierre Veyron back in 1928 (a 90-horsepower supercharged Type 37A, pictured below).

Pierre Veyron Type 37A supercharged

Pierre Veyron’s Type 37A supercharged

Pierre Veyron Type 37A supercharged

The color scheme of the new Vitesse is very similar to Pierre’s famed car

Which hypercar has the most to offer? Is it the sleek McLaren or the steadfast Veyron? Some think the Bugatti too bulky, but that is extremely arguable considering it won the world speed record. Regardless of your favorite brand, there is always something novel on scene to accelerate the Pebble Beach show, and this year shall be no different in the excitement department! (And likely no different for Jay Leno’s signature denim attire, which he will undoubtedly don at the event).

Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

This may not be the best choice of color for the wheels…though I am certain Paris Hilton would approve.

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