Rare Collection of Maseratis Invade Goodwood Revival Sale!

Bonhams has announced the upcoming sale of a special collection of Maserati cars for the Goodwood Revival Sale. There are four cars in total, of which some have not seen the market in maybe 6 decades! The collection currently belongs to the Hartley family and is expected to fetch a handsome price during the September 15th auto auction.

Hartley Maserati collection

Rare cars fetch a high price at auction

Meet the cars:
• The front-runner is a rare restored 1929 Maserati Tipo 26M 4-seater sports racer with Brooklands Double Twelve, Irish Grand Prix and RAC Tourist Trophy pedigree.
• Its sister car, featuring a 2-seater layout
• A V4 16-cylinder Grand Prix car replica. This car is said to be a perfect replica of the Sedici Cilindri, which could hit 170 miles per hour in 1920!
• A 1955 Maserati A6G2000 coupe with coachwork by Allemano

Hartley Maserati collection

The price gets higher the longer the cars have been off the market

CEO of Bonhams Group, Malcom Barber, stated:
“Anthony Hartley is a real Maserati connoisseur whose love of the marque began in the early 1950s when the four-seater Tipo 26M sports racer first came into his family’s ownership. He is a knowledgeable engineer and craftsman who has researched the Maserati marque, followed the work of the four Maserati brothers and in some cases continued their evolution.”

Hartley Maserati collection

Maserati has a long and rich history

The next owner or owners will no doubt be elated to be a part of such a rich brand history and preservation endeavor! I once heard someone say that collectors never truly “own” an item, but simply preserve and care for its future survival.

Hartley Maserati collection

Who will own the rare cars next?
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