Design Students Blend Bentley GT and Fashion, Haute Results

Automotive-inspired apparel can go either way…like Lindsay Lohan.   Fashion inspired by luxury cars can be interesting, understated and sophisticated, or just downright upsetting to the eyes.  Fashion design students challenged by Bentley recently created some pieces inspired by the new Bentley GT luxury car, please comment below with your opinions!  Follow link to view our available Bentley rentals.

Bentley Clothing designs
Tasteful or tacky?  Bentley inspired clothing designs

It is quite common for supercars to inspire items like polo shirts, luxury watches, jewelry and hats, but is there potential for functional, fashionable, auto-inspired apparel that people would be willing to actually wear?  Is there a market for people who want to look like their Bentley or Bentley rental when they roll out? 

Bentley clothing designs

Bentley challenged seventeen fashion students at London’s Royal Academy of Art to create three unique pieces inspired by the new Bentley GT.  The pieces included a car coat, footwear and an overnight bag, each designed for women.  The winning candidates will have the opportunity to transform their concepts into prototypes and present them to Bentley for product consideration.

Bentley clothing designs

Winners of the Bentley apparel challenge included:

Carcoat winner:  Rebecca Thomson’s design reflected the nostalgia of the carcoat, used throughout history to keep drivers warm and repel debris, because motoring hasn’t always been a clean way to travel.
Footwear winner:  Alvaro Gonzalez of Spain won with his adaptation of the traditional court shoe, encapsulated in rubber for better driving functionality.
Weekend bag winner:  Dane Louise van Hauen won with a two-part design, blending a soft leather bag with a carbon fiber travel case.  The leather shoulder bag can be worn separately, and is reminiscent of the both the 1950’s and casual contemporary luxury.

Bentley clothing designs


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