Luxury Car Tax In Greenwich Upsets Wannabee Wealthy Types

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Connecticut is basically the land of the luxury car, home to 10 billionaires and thousands of millionaires, it may be more common to see a luxury car or exotic car rental than a standard car on the streets.  Greenwich happens to be the epicenter of this phenomenon, and the luxury car tax is proportioned accordingly!

The middle class of Connecticut earn an annual salary of around $50,000, though it is not uncommon for a resident to purchase a car worth more than their annual income!  This takes the saying “Keeping up with the Joneses” to an epic level! 

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Luxury cars line Greenwich Avenue, the city’s main retail street, and approximately 2,373 luxury cars valued at $50,000 or higher, according to the assessor’s office of public records. 

Governor Dannel P. Malloy has proposed imposing a 3 percent increase for the “luxury tax” on the sale of all vehicles with price tags over $50,000.  This luxury tax proposal has luxury-lovin’ Greenwich citizens concerned…well, those who are driving luxury cars they cannot actually afford, anyway. 

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Porsche on the streets of Greenwich

With Greenwich residents owning some 87 Aston Martins, 951 Porsches, 336 Jaguars, 107 Bentleys, 106 Ferraris, 80 Maserati’s, 26 Rolls Royce cars, 5 Lamborghinis, 4,000 BMWs and 4,000 Mercedes-Benz luxury cars, I feel that a mere 3 percent luxury tax hike will not break any banks.  That is, the banks of the wealthy residents who are not spending a year’s income in efforts to appear rich.

There are also four rare Maybachs in the area, an obscure luxury car that can fetch around $350,000 and up, more than many homes in the Hartford region!

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