Drive Our Supercars on the Track in Chicago for $159! Limited Time Offer

If you have the fever for a true exotic car track experience, this is your chance to make the dream come true for just $159 USD! Imagine Lifestyles is lining up a select fleet for another supercar track event at the Autobahn Race Track in Joliet, Illinois to allow fans to slip behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes SLS or Audi R8 for 3 fast and furious laps around the track!

Lamborghini Gallardo in Chicago

Lamborghini Gallardo in Chicago

If you are interested in brightening that special someone’s holiday, call now because this deal sells out faster than a Ferrari can hit the 60 mph marker!

The details:
•    Event dates are March 22nd-25th, 2011 and April 6th-7th, 2011
•    Regular pricing is $500, call now to get the holiday special for $159
•    Racing instruction is provided on location from an Imagine Lifestyles expert
•    Ride along experiences are available for auto fans 13 years and up!
•    Plan for a quick 15-minute instructional course prior to your drive
•    This event sells out immediately–do not hesitate to call!
•    View video of past track experiences on the Autobahn track below. As you will see from the excitement spread across every face, this is a ‘can’t miss’ opportunity to drive some of the world’s best exotic sports cars for the lowest price ever!

Ferrari California cockpit

Ferrari California cockpit. Can you see yourself behind the wheel?

Ferrari California rental in Chicago

Ferrari California

Follow link to view our entire fleet of exotic rental cars in Chicago, Miami, New York and LA on your way out!

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