Top 5 Sushi Spots in Chicago

Top 5 Sushi Spots in Chicago

Over the past 5-10 years Chicago has slowly become a city with a culinary reputation as one of the best places to eat in the United States.  Much like New York, chefs in Chicago have been pushing the envelope and thinking outside the box for sometime and have been very successful in most of their attempts.  In recent years, the popularity of sushi in the United States has grown tremendously as well.  Obviously many Chicago chefs jumped on board with this new trend and below Imagine Lifestyles has listed the top 5 places in Chicago to eat sushi.

1.    Kamehachi
2.    Coast Sushi Bar
3.    Japonais
4.    Mirai Sushi
5.    OYSY Japanese Sushi

1. Kamehachi (5 Different Locations) Any sushi lover in Chicago has probably at least seen or heard of this local favorite.  With locations downtown, in Old Town, and in Northbrook you have plenty of options for where to dine.  My personal favorite is the Old Town location, sitting downstairs, where you can watch your meals being prepared.  Whatever location you choose make sure to try a Chicago Crazy Roll, a delicious combination of fish and vegetables that will melt in your mouth. 

2. Coast Sushi Bar (2045 N. Damen) Bucktown might be better known for sports bars and boutiques but there is a very popular Sushi restaurant scattered in amongst the clutter and action of Damen Street.  Known for using some of the freshest local ingredients and pieces of fish, guests will love the sashimi or rolls that come flying out of the kitchen.  The BYOB option allows college kids on a tight budget and business executives to enjoy some fine wines of their liking without breaking the bank as well.

3. Japonais (600 W. Chicago) Although this restaurant is not only located in Chicago, Japonais is probably the most talked about Sushi restaurant amongst foodies.  Whether it is because of the Conde Nast rankings, the celebrity sightings, or just the awesome décor of the space itself Japonais is the place to go for good sushi and a happening social scene.  In order to guarantee yourself a table on a busy Friday night here, check out Imagine Lifestyles Chicago and their fleet of exotic rental cars and arrive in style just like the celebrities you might be dining next to. 

 4. Mirai Sushi (2020 W. Division) Bucktown sneaks in one more well-renowned sushi joint on our list with the hip and modern space for a little different type of sushi.  Using ingredients and cooking styles from around the globe the cuisine is not your standard traditional sushi you might have come to expect.  Don’t expect to ever eat the same thing twice though because the menu will change daily based on what ingredients the chef has access to at the local markets each morning.

5. OYSY (3 Locations) Once again, this last restaurant on our list offers its’ fans multiple places to stop in for some fresh sushi or sashimi.  OYSY has a location in both the south loop and river north and both spots are very modern.  Pull up a seat at the bar and watch your chef work his magic, as all the food preparation will be done right in front of you.  The name of the restaurant means delicious, and trust me it is a perfect name for a really good restaurant.

Chicago has thousands of dining options and the city itself is slowly becoming a culinary giant in world cuisine circles.  Steak houses, pizza joints, and Italian restaurants line the city streets next to bars and retail outlets and are a Chicago staple.  However, in recent years Japanese cuisine has been gaining popularity and more prominent chefs are putting their talent and effort into new sushi restaurants.  Next time you are ready to head out on the town for a great dinner, go against the grain of Chicago’s culinary roots and try one of these fabulous sushi restaurants. Next time you are in Chicago give us a call and we can make sure you get the VIP treatment in one of the restaurants mentioned.   Don’t forget to check out our fleet of Chicago exotic car rentals on your way out.


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