Exotic Car Rental of the Week: The Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe is Finally Here!

Ferrari 458 Italia Rental Miami

Few things in life are more exhilarating than slipping behind the wheel of one of the world’s best supercars, a Ferrari rental Miami!  Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals is pleased to introduce the newest member to our Ferrari rental fleet, the shapely and stunning new Ferrari 458 Italia rental Miam!  It is a new year-why let others have all the fun?  Accelerate the ordinary go for a 458 rental today.


Ferrari 458 Italia Supercar Rental Miami

The Ferrari 458 Italia rental Miami is the replacement to last year’s Ferrari F430 line, and has been making headlines since its introduction.  The 458 Italia rental Miami is a fantastic edition to our fleet of luxury coupe rentals, offering speed, aesthetics, amenities and adrenaline.  Our 458 Italia coupe is a deep black with luxurious tan leather interior, it is nearly as decadent to stare at as it is to drive.

Ferrari Italia Rental Miami

The 458 Italia rental is available from Imagine Lifestyles in Miami, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles and features a 2 seat, 2-door layout.  Specifications for the 458 Ferrari rental include an 8-cylinder rear-mounted engine with direct fuel injection.  This is the first street car with the Prancing Horse logo to feature a mid-rear mounted engine, and it kicks out 560 horsepower!

Ferrari 458 Italia Rental Miami Engine

This Ferrari rental is perfect for any Miami and South Beach event, or just to enjoy a drive down Ocean Avenue in one of the top cars of the year.  Contact Imagine Lifestyles before February 25th, 2011 to receive $100 off of our featured Ferrari 458 Italia Miami rental!




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