A Ferrari 458 Strapped with Twin-Turbochargers? Let’s Do It!

It is a comfort to all gearheads that people like Kevin Howeth and his brother KC exist.  To call these guys auto enthusiasts is a gross understatement, due to their naughty habit of strapping twin-turbochargers to supercars that are already packing in the power department!  Our Ferrari 458 Italia rental Miami is a showstopper sans the twin-turbos; I can only imagine what that must be like on the track!

Twin Turbocharged Ferrari 458 Italia

Case in point:  The Howeth brothers have recently enhanced the all-new Ferrari 458 Italia with a set of twin-turbochargers.  Yes, the Ferrari 458 Italia, a supercar that already features a 4.5-liter V8 engine that catapults it from the 0-60 mark in 3.4 seconds, but apparently the boys felt something was missing!  Could that something be blind acceleration and an unmatched adrenaline rush?

Twin Turbocharged Ferrari 458 Italia

Twin Turbocharged Ferrari 458 Italia

I suppose this addiction to speed is understandable, especially when you factor in that the Howeth brothers get to drive twin-turbocharged Ferrari F430’s and Lamborghinis on a daily basis.
While photos have been leaked of the twin-turbocharged Ferrari 458 Italia, exact performance data has yet to be divulged.

Twin Turbocharged Ferrari 458 Italia Rear

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