Imagine Lifestyles & Virgin Atlantic Jet Around NYC in a Ferrari 458

Ferrari 458 rentalImage courtesy of Hunter L. Williams

With the 2015 New York International Auto Show in full swing–Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals and Virgin Atlantic absorbed the city’s pulse from behind the wheel of an enviable machine. The luxury road trip took place in a feisty red Ferrari Italia convertible rental from Imagine Lifestyles, where the duo enjoyed several well-known pit stops along the route with professional photographer Hunter L. Williams of New York in tow.

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Imagine Lifestyles provides the premiere lifestyle experience–including upscale accommodations, professional chauffeur services, private yacht charters and exotic car rentals with delivery available from Washington D.C. to Boston and everywhere in between—including all major airports. The New Jersey based company allows the opportunity to rent the lifestyle–an innovative way to experience a plethora of exclusive vehicles and spaces.

Ferrari 458Image courtesy of Hunter L. Williams

Imagine Lifestyles was elated to spend the day with Virgin Atlantic and offer them the full luxury travel experience from the ground–as they have taken over that arena in the skies with their aircrafts. The only thing capable of offering up more adrenaline than standing on the showroom floor of an automotive show is the chance to grip the wheel of an actual supercar, and the Ferrari 458 convertible was certainly up for the task with her 562 horsepower and classic curb appeal.

exotic car rentalsThe car: The Ferrari 458 Italia convertible

The Ferrari rentals at Imagine Lifestyles are offered in a variety of models and hues, but the iconic red Italia was clearly the right option for the occasion. There are also a colossal amount of luxury rental cars to choose from, though CEO Ryan Safady selected the Ferrari 458 convertible for this jaunt because “It is one of the best”. Imagine Lifestyles rental fleets include Maserati, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Porsche, Range Rover, and even the 1965 Shelby Cobra and more leading brands–the Ferrari was ideal for this adventure thanks to her aggressive profile and sheer power. The Ferrari 458 demolishes the 0-60 mile per hour sprint in a scant 3 seconds with a top speed approaching 200 miles per hour. Safady stated: “Once the weather breaks we see a huge increase in demand for our exotic convertible rentals. There is nothing like the experience of an open top in one of these machines–allowing the driver to hear and feel the impressive performance to an enhanced degree.”

exotic car rentals NYA glimpse inside one of the Imagine Lifestyles locations: Rent them all and decide which is the best.


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Read more about the day here, including details for each stop. Contact Imagine Lifestyles today and get behind the wheel of the exotic car of your choice!

Ferrari 458Image courtesy of Hunter L. Williams

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