Imagine Lifestyles & Virgin Atlantic Jet Around NYC in a Ferrari 458

Ferrari 458 rental

Image courtesy of Hunter L. Williams

With the 2015 New York International Auto Show in full swing–Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals and Virgin Atlantic absorbed the city’s pulse from behind the wheel of an enviable machine. The luxury road trip took place in a feisty red Ferrari Italia convertible rental from Imagine Lifestyles, where the duo enjoyed several well-known pit stops along the route with professional photographer Hunter L. Williams of New York in tow.

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Ferrari to Unveil High Performance 458 Scuderia Model?

458 Scuderia

Rumors are aflame that the Prancing Horse is poised to unveil yet another glorious supercar at the Frankfurt Auto Show this September. Will there be a Ferrari 458 Scuderia? The Scuderia badge has been left in the dust for the past 6 years–it was last used on the Ferrari F430.

Fun fact: The word Scuderia means “stable of horses”, which makes it quite fitting for the Prancing Horse brand. Pictured above is the F430 Scuderia.

What a Scuderia version of the Ferrari 458 means is that it will be a slightly more powerful version of its sibling, the standard 458 Italia. Lamborghini does the same with its “Superleggera” badge. Basically, special high-performance versions of a car entice the adrenaline junkies and are typically a success. read more

Video Gold: Ferrari 458 Chases McLaren P1 During Test Drive!

McLaren P1

For the auto enthusiasts, you may already be familiar with YouTube user ‘Shmee 150’, who seems to encounter the most epic exotic car moments and is therefore a lucky bastard. Shmee has managed to capture another slice of video gold with this footage of a Ferrari 458 convertible encountering the next McLaren P1 out and about for a test run!

The McLaren P1 prototype

The Ferrari 458 driver was taking the hypercar for a spin when he noticed a McLaren P1 out in the open, making it fair game. The Ferrari driver did what anyone with a healthy brain and appetite for destruction would do: he tailed the McLaren and obtained some amazing shots, likely revving the engine to signal a challenge. P1 stands for ‘Project one’ read more

Grand Am Ferrari 458 Gives Manhattan a Wake-Up Call!

Ferrari 458

New York City is famous for its street side lifestyle, from exotic food vendors to luxury shopping and designer goods…and also a Grand Am Ferrari 458 at the World Trade Center! Ferrari treated New York to a revving 458 Italia to celebrate a recent victory: Nabbing the driver’s and manufacturer’s titles in the 2012 Rolex Grand-Am GT Sports Car Series championship.

How could anyone be irritated by a Ferrari 458 wake-up call? There are certainly worse ways to awaken!

Aim Autosport team FXDD took up position outside of 7 World Trade center in lower Manhattan and proceeded to show-off a bit of what the Ferrari 458 has to offer by smoking tires and providing an auto acoustic extravaganza. I am certain very few New Yorkers were disgruntled by this wake-up call! The team added to the excitement by donning their racing suits. read more