Colorful New Ferrari App Lets You Build Custom Car Instantly

Visualizing the perfect dream machine build just became easier with a new Ferrari app called the ‘Ferrari AR showroom”. The application allows visitors to Ferrari showrooms to completely customize their favorite models to get a better feel for color, rims, brakes and wheel combinations while making the important purchase decisions. Yes, life can be that rough.
The brief clip above shows the Ferrari AR showroom app in action:

The Ferrari AR showroom app is used on tablets in the showroom, eliminating the squinting associated with smaller devices. The app was created by developer Zspace with input by the Horse, of course, to provide a more in-depth and visual experience at point-of-purchase. Will it decrease the number of customized eyesore decisions cruising the streets wearing the Ferrari badge? Unknown. Will it offer a glimpse at what a buyer thinks will look good in their mind before making a potentially tragic mistake? Indeed.

The Ferrari AR showroom application at a glance:

  • Brilliant 3D tracking created by augmented reality specialists Metaio
  • There are 7 feature spotlights to choose from, including a unique x-ray view depicting engine and components. It breaks down further into braking function, with parts popping out when clicked to show pieces.
  • Users can even get a visual of their desired Horse in a wind tunnel setting. Try getting that treatment on just any showroom floor.
  • For the time being, the app is offered for the following 5 Ferrari cars in showrooms: The Ferrari 458 Speciale and spider, the Ferrari FF, the Ferrari California and the dazzling Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Ferrari appOverall, technology continues to become the pulse for exotic car companies across the globe, with few being left in the dark. Volkswagen actually used Metaio technology a couple of years ago to provide tech info for the XL1 concept for premium visuals. Is it just a matter of time before these types of visuals are as common as new release photos when new models emerge?

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals