Ferrari Confirms Hybrid Enzo

Ferrari has finally confirmed the unthinkable: A hybrid Enzo supercar! Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo made the announcement at the Beijing Auto Show, surprising everyone further with an expected 2013 production run! Outstanding…will there be a hybrid Enzo in our fleet of exotic vehicle rentals someday?

Ferrari hybrid

Ferrari’s horses will be prancing in greener pastures

There are a plethora of battery-packing smartcars on the streets already: Nissan turned over a new Leaf, Prius is pious, and now the introduction of a hybrid Ferrari opens the scissor doors to an entirely new dimension! Not to be rude, Fisker…you have good Karma…but you are certainly not a Ferrari.

For those of you worried about power, Ferrari made a statement that may squash your fears: “The objective of this configuration is to create a sports car that, thanks to the integration with the electric motors, increases power while at the same time reducing emissions.”

Ferrari hybrid
Hybrid Ferrari rolls out of concept, and into conception! 

How it works:
The technology used in Ferrari’s HY-KERS concept will power the yet-to-be-named hybrid. The powertrain couples a 12-cylinder engine with two electric motors—one for the engine and dual-clutch transmission and one for the auxiliary systems. There is a regenerative braking system to catch and reuse lost kinetic energy and lithium-ion battery cells provided by Samsung. The system is anticipated to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by 40%. It appears the 2015 Ferrari hybrid technology has emerged early!
Ferrari hybrid technology

The masses may be cool with this, so long as there is no sacrifice in the power department!

Ferrari hybrid



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