Video: Watch a Ferrari 458 Italia Drift, Smoke and Burnout!

Ferrari FB fans

Ferrari took to the track (and Internet) to prance its horse for the cameras upon reaching an impressive mile-marker—8 million fans on popular social networking site Facebook! The Ferrari logo may be among the most recognizable brands in the world—a symbol of power, history and prestige.

Ferrari 458 fires

Unlike the shocking and well-publicized 458 Ferrari fires from a couple of years back, this Italia is smoking intentionally!

In a creative and not-so-boring to watch clip, Ferrari scrawled out a “Thank You” to its minions of Facebook fans the only way it knows how—with its smoking wheels. It is a unique and thoughtful way for one of the leading luxury automakers to show appreciation to fans on a broad scale!

You will notice the message from Ferrari at the end of the clip—you cannot exactly miss it!

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