Over a Million Fans Vote for Ferrari F1 Car Name

Ferrari let fans take the wheel and vote for the Ferrari F1 car name this year. The idea turned out to be pure marketing success, with 1,123,741 Ferrari fans participating in the decision. While this is not the first time a luxury car company has given social media fans the opportunity to name something, it was certainly an enormous turnout! The official name chosen by the masses is: The Ferrari F14 T. Ferrari F1 Car Name Over a million fans stormed Ferrari’s Scuderia website to vote for this year’s Formula One car, dubbed the Ferrari F14 T. The name was selected from a total of 5 options.

The options for the Ferrari F1 car name included the following:

  • The winner, the Ferrari F14 T, won by just 1.7 percent.
  • Second up was the name F166 Turbo. I suppose with the hit cartoon out, it was a bad idea.
  • The F14 Maranello
  • The F14 Scuderia
  • Or the F616

Ferrari F1 Car Name

Ferrari F1 team principal Stefano Domenicali commented on the sheer volume of participation in the vote: “It’s nice to know the name of the car has been chosen by our fans. The amazing number of votes shows just how popular Ferrari has always been and this will be, as always, a further impetus for us to do well this year!”

The official Ferrari F14 T enjoyed a successful launch to tout the name the following day and will be the first F1 Ferrari car to pack a V6 turbo engine since the F1/87/88C back in 1988.

Ferrari F1 Car Name The Formula One season should be an exhilarating one for the team this year, with Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen ready to begin the process of pre-season testing in the new car in Spain.


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